Why only Streamlight weapon-mounted lights?

Well, in my opinion Streamlight engineers the highest performing, most rugged, durable and innovative lights on the market. They create lights for specific tasks as well as the widest array of weapon-mounted lights. Whether you’re LEO S.W.A.T., Military, home defense or a sportsman, Streamlight builds the products you can depend on and with the options and configurations that you need.

If you check my equipment, you’ll find nothing but Streamlight. Why? When your life or the lives of those you care for is on the line, use the light that the pros use: Streamlight. It won’t let you down. And just in case you need customer service with their products, they have a warranty you can’t beat.

If you don’t see what you you’re looking for, please give us a phone call! I’m currently adding in all the new Streamlight products!