Survival & Emergency Gear

Ensure that you have the survival and emergency gear that you need to stay alive in the field. You can hunt, fish, camp and hike with peace of mind when you are carrying the appropriate emergency supplies for your environment. Whether you are looking for an ultralight solo kit for backpacking and long treks, an extensive base camp kit to leave in your tent or car, or even an emergency kit for your home or shop, we have the survival gear you and your group will need if the going gets tough. Browse the top-rated brand names available in our selection of survival and emergency gear, including SOL, AMK, Coghlans, Lifeline and more. Lifesaving first aid supplies are only a click away when you shop at Tactical N Practical.

When you purchase survival and emergency gear, you invest in the tools to survive in the field. The first aid kits that we offer include the bandages, tools, antiseptic and other supplies that are necessary to field dress wounds until you can reach help. Emergency kits can include these first aid supplies as well as other helpful tools and supplies like fishing gear, fire starters, emergency shelter, duct tape, whistles and more that will help you to survive in the wild as well as be rescued. A tactical knife is a useful addition to these kits. Keep your home emergency supplies safely stowed in a bug out backpack. Enjoy your time in the field with the comfort of knowing you have the supplies to survive any emergency situation.